005 of 366 || Days Out

Today was my day off and I ended up waking up around 12 p.m. Yeah it was pretty late not to mention last night I went to sleep around 4 a.m. For the most part, watched Boy Meets World on MTV 2, which I can never get tired of. Played Modern Warfare 3 as well, trying to catch up basically. Since Mindy wanted to go to True East to exchange her True crewneck, Mindy and I went to Walnut Creek. After True East, stopped by H&M to see if they had anything good. After shopping around, we got hungry and ate at my friend Nancy's restaurant called Champa. They mainly serve Thai and Viet food and overall was bomb. Since I have known Nancy for a while, not only was the Thai Iced Tea on the house, but the service overall was great. I def need to come back because the Pad Thai was bomb as hell.

While shopping at H&M in Walnut Creek, it's usually empty and when Mindy was going down the escalator, the glass gives it a reflection, which I thought it was cool. Mindy going down on the escalators about half way gave the over shot for todays 366 entry.

Hills B&W.

True East.

True East.

Back Side.

Walnut Creek.

Cole Haan.





Thai Iced Tea.


Pad Thai.

005 of 366.
005 of 366 || Days Out