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This is week 15, which means this is the last week of this semester. It was stressful and I lost a lot of sleep, but I learned a lot. I started to realize a good amount more of myself during these past 14 weeks. It was hectic but again learned a great amount. For the most part I was in the school's lab waiting and printing for my final presentation. I hope all goes through well for tomorrow excited and nervous really. Had work in the afternoon with Mike and Zalo. Mike left around 5 in the afternoon while I was closing with Zalo. Work was pretty chill of course, can't complain. After work, Zalo wanted to get a bite to eat at Wing Stop. It was his treat so I couldn't say no. Thanks again Zalo.









Fully Laced, San Francisco.

Fully Laced, San Francisco.

135 of 366.
135 of 366 || Printing Prints