144 of 366 || Old Times

Started my day off by washing and cleaning my car. I was planning on going to Sonoma Drift, which is held every Wednesday. Decided to pass that up and finally just chill and play Monopoly with Mitch and K.J like old times sake at Ali's place. Nick picked up Mindy from Bart and had an overall fun time. Andrew was in the Bay Area and stopped by. It was nice for a change and overall great time.

I am proud to announce that I am going to be covering I Love City Festival this week in Mountain View, Ca. I wasn't too sure but with faith, all went through well. This was the first main event I absolutely wanted to photograph this summer. I'm still shocked, anxious, and overall excited for this weekend. This music event, which is a two-day event, will possibly be the biggest event I'm going to shoot. Only a certain amount will ever get to do what they really love to do in a lifetime. For any opportunity given to you or earned, take it because honestly you'll never know whens the next time you will have that opportunity again. The feeling I had when I had the chance to photograph two big music Artist's last year was a feeling like no other. No one could ever have the same feeling I did. Its times like this were I realize my goals and desires for this path in photography starts to have a better outcome every time. I'm a dream chaser and I am making my dream into a reality. 

Wash B&W.






144 of 366.
144 of 366 || Old Times.