161 of 366 || Mistake

Mindy and me decided to head out to Concord to shop at Sun Valley mall since we haven't been there in a while. Mindy ended up buying two Disney Vinylmation Juniors. Then we decided to stop by Walnut Creek to see if there was anything new. Ended up with our first Disney Pop Vinyl Figure Mickey Mouse. We have a wide range of toys but seems like we might start to collect these toys as well. Headed back home to chill. Mitch and Nick stopped by to watch the Boxing match between Pacquiao and Bradley. By the judge's decision, Bradley had won. Those who witness the fight knew who exactly won, and even Pacquiao losing, he was very humble and wanted a rematch of course. My thoughts, the numbers don't lie and by the obvious statements of "Pacquiao got robbed" to "The judges were paid" seem to add up. Again the numbers don't lie based on punches and jabs thrown and landed along with the percentage as well. I'm no judge, but I know when fair is fair, and simply put, that wasn't fair at all. After watching the fight, decided to play Triopoly since we haven't played since forever. Since it was getting late and everyone was tired, Mitch and Nick decided to call it a night.








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161 of 366.
161 of 366 || Manny Pacquiao.