162 of 366 || Heat

The weather today was amazingly hot but very nice through out the whole day. Mindy and me decided to stop by and check Ashby flea market for the first time. It was okay and didn't even up getting anything. Afterwards, headed to Mitch's place to relax and chill. Nick was there as well. Mitch had an interview at Sunvalley around 7 p.m. so we all headed out early. The mall was closing but we waited until Mitch was done with his interview. Since we wanted something sweet to eat, we went to Krispy Kreme to snack on some doughnuts. Stopped by a bar for a bit and then went back to Mitch's to eat and play Monopoly. Seems like I've been getting back into Monopoly more and more.







162 of 366.
162 of 366 || Nintendo Monopoly.