163 of 366 || Yawn

Another nice day in the Bay Area but decided to stay inside and chill since it was pretty hot. For the most part played video games and thought about a few things. Later on in the afternoon I walked Mimi, which gave me more time to think. A few days ago, I recently picked up another Polaroid camera, Impulse. This one was for a great price and the flash works as well so it was an added bonus. Since the 600 film are expensive, I'm looking at the alternative solution, the Impossible PX. Not only am I looking into film for my film cameras, I'm also looking for a point and shoot. The reason being is that for certain events along with having a back up camera body that isn't a dslr, I can use this for its solution. At times, I don't want to be lugging around my heavy dslr, so a point and shoot would suit me best. Looks like its time to sell off more shoes to get stuff I always wanted or needed. Happy Monday all.





163 of 366.
163 of 366 || Polaroids.