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Another beautiful day in the Bay Area. Our weather lately has been terrific. Had work in the afternoon with Mike and Sharon. Sharon was at work for a bit, but ended up going home because she wasn't feeling so well, so it was just Mike and me. Later on in the afternoon, Jullian and Rinna stopped by to grab a few things. They both insisted to go night shooting after work. Work was pretty chill with Mike of course. Since it was Sunday, got off work early and headed to Jullian's place for the first time. Rinna was already there as well. Met Randy for the first time ever since we played Halo 3 a few years ago. After chilling for a bit, decided to go on an adventure to find Jullian's toys as well as Pokemon cards. For the most part it was really dope. Literally it was like walking into a time machine and going back because most of the things Jullian had as a childhood, were either things I had or remembered. After a while, Randy and me found our way through the attic with the help of Jullians dad.

With only luck with finding old school toys, we decided to sit back and relax for a bit. Jullian's dad however was actually a collector of toys and collectables. He understood saving original toys, comics, cards etc. You name it; he would have a story about it. Many people would not appreciate what is now shown or given in today's world so it was great just hearing stories about the older days. Since it was getting darker, decided to head out to Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was almost perfect as stars and a clear night was upon us. We first stop by the Vista Point where most tourists would come and take photos. After we were done, headed to Fort Baker. After taking photos, decided to head out since it was getting late so Jullian dropped off Randy, Rinna, then back to his place where my car was parked. All in all, a very long but amazing way to end it.





Fully Laced, San Francisco.











Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

San Francisco Skyline.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Pano.

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