177 of 366 || Delay

Slept pretty late these past few days and got the chance to just sleep in. Relaxed for the most part really. Took photos of some toys and shoes. Recently the 2012 Kid Robot Dunny's dropped and on my first pull, I got pretty lucky. I was able to acquire Junko Mizuno which was one of the mystery ones. Just trying to perfect the lighting. I think I'm getting better at it than before. Later on in the day, went to Target and got some black square fasteners since my sun visors in my car have been falling down for some time. Just another day to chill and relax. Happy Monday all.



1998 Oxidized XIV's.

1998 Oxidized XIV's.

1985 Metallic Blue/White I's.


1995 Red/White/Black II's.

177 of 366.
177 of 366 || 2012 Kidrobot Dunny Junko Mizuno.