S004 EP086

So I haven't posted any new sneaker pick ups or camera equipment/accessories in a while. I'll start off with the shoes...

1999 Co.Jp Ultraman Dunk Lows & 2001 Brazil Dunk Lows.
2001 Brazil & 1999 Co.Jp Ultraman Dunk Lows.

These two shoes along with a few others were the first dunks in this colorway that I always wanted to own back in the early 2000's. I would either look them up on the Internet or Ebay but my expectations were that my local shopping mall would have them, boy was I wrong! It wasn't until I believe 2003/2004, Greyone had this sneaker documentary and this one guy had a pair of Brazil lows with red laces. I thought it was such a cool color combo and I always wanted them, but my focus was getting other dunks that attracted me that I never got them until...well today!

I tried looking for the documentary and the video link doesn't load or work at all any more. It's unfortunate because that sneaker documentary has so much gems and history and it's a lost piece missing in today's sneaker community. It's also another reason why I love Nike Dunks and holds a special place for my love and passion for shoes. It was the first shoe that really got me into this so called "Shoe Game" back in 2003. Till this day, I'm still into shoes for many other reasons. I always had this goal to try and complete all/most of Co.Jp (Concept of Japan) Nike Dunks along with the Euros, FA (Foot Actions Exclusives), Pro B's, and any other early 1999 - 2004 Nike Dunks. 

Another recent pick up, 2014 Black & White I's.
1999 Co.Jp Ultramans Lows, 2001 Brazil Lows, & 2014 black & White I's.

2014 black & White I's.

2014 black & White I's.


On to camera gear. So me and Mindy's 9 year anniversary recently passed and she surprised me with this super awesome and thoughtful Manfrotto Camera Backpack. My old one didn't have enough space to carry everything when doing weddings or events but now I do. Since I recently got a D800 and my D700 is now my back up, I decided to get a new camera strap. My old Black Rapid single sling strap was slowly breaking down especially the metal holder that keeps the camera safe. 

Manfrotto Backpack.

Black Rapid Camera Dual Sling Strap.