Recent Pick Ups, Completing Og Jordan Sets & More!

I finally completed the last original Air Jordan III from 1988, True Blue III's! The first colorway I acquired was the Black Cement III's which was back in 2010. Fast forward 9 years later, I was able to obtain the original four colorways that released in 1988. I was always curious to know what it felt like to own and complete this set. A very difficult task but I'm very ecstatic to say I did it.

I believe one of the first original Air Jordans I purchased was the 1985 Metallic Blue High's In 2009. Just owning an original pair of OG Jordan 1's was really cool to own. 10 years later, I completed the original Metallic series colorway set.

1985 Metallic Jordan 1 Set.

1985 Metallic Jordan 1 Set.

Nike once again retrod one of my favorite Dunk colorways, the Viotechs. This was one I was really looking forward to. The only year I am missing is the 2013 retro pair.

2015 Viotech Dunks.

With 2019 ending, I did the last pick ups of 2019.

Ending 2019 with the top 10 pick ups of 2019. I decided to split it into two categories. Top 5 sneakers only released in 2019. The other top 5 was 2018 and older.

Pick Up Haul.

2019 Only Top 5 Pick Ups of 2019.

2018 & Older Top 5 Pick Ups of 2019.