4th of July.

Mindy & I left around 5 a.m. something because Karen is in the U.S Air Force and she had to be in the parade before 10 a.m. The parade was held at Morgan Hill. When we got there, there was already people setting up and putting up there camping chairs. This was happening at 7:30 a.m. ish. These people out here, pretty much die hard fans for 4th of July. Around that time, King, Mindy, & I walked around to check out the floats and cars. Karen got done around 11 ish and headed back to San Francisco to sleep since we were all tired. We wanted to get more fireworks, even though Karen & King had got over $400 dollars worth of fireworks.

We headed out to Tanforan for fireworks. Spent a certain amount of time buying some fireworks and then went back to Karen's. Afterwards we started to cook BBQ and wait until the sun went down to go play with the fireworks. We got done around 11ish. Mindy & I ended up knocking out at Karen's since we were tired. I must say overall, I was tired & this year's 4th of July was better then last years.

Trying some what new, labeling photos with description, since I barley do it. Alot of pics, please let them load.

The only picture I took that I only liked. Canon 40D or 50D, one of those. Control panel is on top.

Starting out young, Canon with Sigma Lens.

Canon Mark 5D II 24-105mm f/4 L.

1915 Ford Model T.

Benson, this one is for you. The car is called Xebra. It's an environmental car or something like that.

07.04.06 UN-DS Red Metallic I's

07.05.09 UN-DS Green Metallic I's

Woo, 2 more days until I'm 21 can't wait.