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I was going through one my folders and found this. I need to find my Playstation and start to play this game again, one of my favorites.

For sale, all contact information can be found at the bottom of my blog.

Size: 5c OG Baby Hare VII's & Size: 7c OG Baby Raptor VII's
Selling both, not separate.
$100 meet up | $110 shipped

Size: 9.5 NDS OG Hare VII's
Wearable, comes with replacement box.
$150 meet up | $160 shipped

Size: 9 DS ATC II
Comes with og everything.
$80 meet up | $90 shipped

Size: 9 NDS OG Metallic Blue/white I's
Comes with replacment box
Looking for $300 - $400 obo

Size: 9.5 VVVNDS 2001 Black Cement III's
Comes with og everything
$350 meet up | $360 shipped