Last minutes

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Last minutes with Joe Black Supreme. Mindy & I came home last night and found out Joe Black Supreme was limping back and forth. I figured he broke his legs because he kept jumping. I tried to giving him food and water, next thing you know, he was covered with water out of no where. He had a difficult time breathing, then it got better, some what.

The next day I woke up to the sound of Mindy knocking on my door. Mindy & I checked up on him, and he wasn't moving. I tried watching him for a while, but nothing. No breathing or movement. He was stiff & cold. I got a shovel and Mindy & I went to my backyard to bury him.

This is very unexpected since I only had him for about 6 months. The average life span for a hamster is about 3 years, depending how do. This was the smartest hamster ever, he was going to learn how to fly soon. R.I.P Joe Black Supreme.

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D4NIEL510 - @dunksrnice Wasgood dawg, nice blog, almost on it on tha daily. Shit i remember you was in line for tha Hundreds sharks colorway.
- Thanks. Yeah I was there to make some money.

@dunksrnice yo!!! Nice work on the blog. Just peeped it out.. Photos are sick!!!!! Oh yeah Dope metallic 1ers....

- Thanks.

eemahnee - Condolences, he's adorable too RT: @dunksrnice: R.I.P Joe Black Supreme

@dunksrnice super cuteness-r.i.p. =(

DiliyxCute - RT @dunksrnice: R.I.P Joe Black Supreme

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Last moments with him.

005 of 365, Mini Black Supreme Lows

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